Some of the major issues that an attic faces are insulation and ventilation. These two problems are interrelated which means one cannot work efficiently without fixing the other. For example, an ineffective ventilation in the attic can render attic insulation to a failure. Therefore, by having two system working efficiently, only then your attic will be in good shape which will eventually save your energy cost.

In cold climates, attics represent one of the biggest sources of heat loss, so adequately insulating the space is essential. In hot climates, insulating the attic properly can reduce the amount of heat transmitted into the house from the roof surface and will significantly reduce energy costs.

On the other hand, an inadequate attic ventilation can result in condensation, which will dampen insulation by making it less effective. Condensation also causes moisture to soak into wood causing rot and molds. In the summer, a poorly ventilated attic will allow heat to build up that can also damage wood surfaces. In short, having adequate attic ventilation is essential if you want attic insulation to work effectively.

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