If your attic has no insulation, there are two attic insulation methods which you can do. You can either choose the faced insulation (the facing goes toward the heated area, against the attic floor) or install a vapor barrier (available in rolls of plastic from hardware shops) before laying the insulation in place.

The steps in installing the vapor barrier are easy jobs. You can lay the plastic vapor barrier (usually 6-millimeter) between the joists, adding a couple of staples at each end of the plastic to tack it while you are laying the insulation. Don’t worry about stapling it down really thoroughly, because gravity and the weight of the insulation will hold the vapor barrier in place.

Next comes the fun part of attic insulation. There are two types of attic insulation which you can apply between the joists. The first type is loose-fill insulation. In this case, you can choose bags of loose-fill insulation that you can pour between and over the joists. Use a rake to spread the loose-fill insulation evenly.

The second type of attic insulation is laying insulation batts between the joists, for example fiberglass batts. Installing fiberglass batts between the attic joists has never been easier. All you need to do is to roll the fiberglass batts into place between the joists. Don’t pack them too tightly as the air between their layers is an essential part of their insulation ability.

Before laying the insulation batts, you should measure the space between the joists so that you purchase the correct batt width. This will save you from having to cut the batts to fit between the joists and will help you avoid squeezing the batts too tight between the joists. Squeezing the insulation batts tightly will reduce their insulation ability.

Once you got the bags of lose-fill insulation or fiberglass batts, carry them up to the attic intact. Do not attempt to open them beforehand. They are tightly compressed, so they are much easier to handle when they are still closed. Open them one at a time, as needed, once they are in the attic.

When you start laying your insulation, work from the walls toward the center of the attic and start at the spot furthest away from the attic hatch. It’s like painting a room where you work your way toward the exit.

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