You might wonder what attic insulation has to do with pay rise? In fact, you can even give yourself a pay rise after installing attic insulation. The best part is the pay rise is tax free. Yes, you are right. The form of pay rise is through the money saved in terms of less electricity usage to heat your house after installing attic insulation. You will be spending less in electricity cost every month if you have installed attic insulation. This will in turn save you roughly 30 to 40% of electricity cost which is equivalent to about 10% to 20% of your pay rise.

You might wonder how much you can save through attic insulation. You might think that the amount of saving might be tiny and doesn’t contribute a lot to your bank account. Then you are wrong if you have been thinking like that. For your information, the heat loss through attic contributes as much as 50% of the total heat loss of your house.

Imagine the amount of heat that is sipping through the attic everyday and your household heater has to work extremely hard just to keep you warm? Not only are you paying extra cost for the electricity bill, you might probably need to repair the heating equipment frequently due to overloading or you might even have to buy a bigger one just to keep your family warm during the winter.

Imagine that after installing attic insulation, you are saving at least 30% of your total electricity usage every month and in terms of the size of the heating equipment, all you need is only small heater which only consumes a fraction amount of electricity. In fact, you are not only giving yourself a pay rise, you are also helping the mother earth by reducing greenhouse effect in terms of reduction in carbon dioxide emission with less energy consumption. Therefore, you are actually killing two birds with one stone throw here by installing attic insulation.

Of course, there will be an initial cost to install attic insulation. The initial installation cost might be expensive, depending on how you want the installation methods to be done. Installing attic insulation isn’t all that expensive if you are able to do the work yourself. For the types of attic insulation methods, you can read more about it here, Attic Insulation Guide.

Making some improvements around the house with such things as attic insulation is a great way to save money. While some people would say that they cannot afford to put insulation in right now, what they should be saying is that they cannot afford not to. To save money you sometimes have to spend a little.

This means that you need to be prepared by purchasing everything you need for the job now. If it is summer time then you do not have to worry about completing the project in a hurry, which means you can take your time with the attic insulation, within reason of course.

You will need to make sure that you will have the job finished before winter hits. The attic insulation will do wonders for your heating bills. You will actually notice the difference right away within the first month’s heating bill. So while you may think that the purchase of attic insulation does not really save money in the beginning you may be wrong.

Consider it an investment for not just your heating bills but also for the value of your home. If you ever had to sell your home, the added benefit of having attic insulation in the home will show potential home buyers that they too can save money on their heating bills. This makes your home a more attractive choice for anyone looking to purchase a new home.

In short, since attic insulation not only does wonders for your electricity cost, it also helps protect the environment by using less energy, do ensure that attic insulation is included in your next renovation plan.

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