As discussed before, the door is one part of the house that can easily cause exchange in terms of hot or cold air between the indoor and outdoor environment. When there is an energy leak through the door gap whether top or bottom, there will be a heat loss or gain in your house which will certainly cause the heating or cooling equipments to work extra harder to cool or heat the house. When this situation occurs, there is no doubt you will be paying higher electricity bill.

Weather stripping the door helps a lot in terms of reducing heat exchange and it’s very effective in keeping the house comfortable. But weather stripping is only part of the overall home insulation process and it’s certainly not enough if you just weather strip the door. You also need to install a door sweep at the bottom of the door to keep the hot and cold air outside from entering the house.

Installing a door sweep or a bottom door seals will close any gaps between the bottom of the door and the threshold. The best part is that the steps needed to apply the sweep or seal can be easily done on your own or on a do it yourself (DIY) basis. Most door sweep or door seals kits can be cheaply purchased at local hardware stores. Generally they come with a variety of colors and materials to suit your door. Therefore, if you are not familiar with the types, just ask the store assistants. To ensure best result, choose the one that suits your door and the decoration. Some of the sweeps or seals are made of silicon which can last a lifetime.

In general, most door sweeps combine a metal strip that screws onto the door with a flexible seal that hangs below the door. Therefore, before going straight to screw the sweep onto the door, make sure that the sweep fits the door and can cover the threshold or gap underneath. You can do this by holding the sweep against the door and from there you can decide on the best position for the sweep. To make sure that no gap exists, the sweep or seal must touch the floor. Once the position is determined, mark the screw positions with an erasable marker pen or anything that won’t stick permanently on the door. After that, pre-drill the holes and screw the sweep to the door.

When you are done with installing the sweep, try moving the door to check if the sweep or seal is too close to the floor which can hinder the movement of the door. If that’s the case, then you are in big trouble. It’s painful job to take the sweep off and re-install it again. Therefore, the step to determine the best position on the door for the sweep is important and must be done right in the first place.

Installing Door Sweep
A door sweep can seal the bottom of a door very effectively.

In short, a door sweep can seal the bottom of a door very effectively and takes only minutes to install. Installing the door sweep is only part of the home insulation process and the door must also be weather stripped for maximum efficiency in reducing heat exchange between indoor and outdoor environment.

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