Spray foam insulation is an excellent alternative to traditional insulation materials due to its several benefits over other types of insulations.

One of the main benefits or advantages of spray foam insulation is that it offers better insulation with a very high heat transfer resistance. Specifically its R-value is relatively high compared to other insulation materials. Its R-value is in fact double that of the values of fiberglass batts/rolls. A high R-value means that the material can offer high energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer which will save you energy cost in heating as well as in cooling.

Other benefits of spray foam insulation is that it fills and seals all the miniscule cracks and seams in walls and other surfaces, eliminating any energy loss by air filtration. Coupled with its particular high performance (R-value) per inch, it is possible to use 2×4 construction on exterior walls (instead of the 2×6 studs) which could save you money on framing costs and on extended window and door jambs by using less materials.

Because of the nature of the materials and the means of application, you can apply it anywhere and get air tight seal. You can apply it around joints, frames and other building support structure and still get a tight seal. All air pockets or little crevices are sealed completely, so there won’t be any air seeping. This type of sit tight sealing helps to keep your heating and cooling system working efficiently. It allows you to get smaller unit because it does not have to work so hard. It is proven that spray foam insulation reduce heating and cooling costs by 40%.

Other advantage of spray foam insulation is its easy application. Since it is water based, the foam sets quickly and spreads over larger surface area. This allows you to move on with renovation and other construction work. It is very easy to work on. You can even install it by yourself which could save you labor cost. Once the foam is settled, there is no seam and the foam will expand automatically to fill every bit of space and every cracks and crevices. You don’t even have to worry about voids or air pockets that cause some structural problems later on.

In addition, the benefit or advantage of spray foam insulation is on the environment. It is extremely environmentally friendly due to the fact that spray foam insulation is usually made up mainly of renewable resources and it is free from ozone depleting components. The solution of spray foam insulation is water based which is considered much less safer than petroleum based insulation products. Unlike other petroleum based insulation products, spray foam insulation has the highest oxygen index and zero fuel contribution.

The spray foam insulation is also highly fire resistant, with most variety of spray foam insulation meeting Class I rating. Spray foam insulation is not only fire resistant, it is also waterproof. It is also pest and rodent proof and you don’t have to worry about molds or mildew growing on it either.

In conclusion, spray foam insulation offers multiple benefits. It is an environmental friendly product and it offers energy efficiency and improved air quality. It is easy to install. It also increases value of your home and office. Spray foam insulation does more than just keep you warm. It offers a great solution to many problems homeowners face. Therefore, spray foam insulation is definitely a good investment on your house!

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