Knowing the cost of spray foam insulation is important to avoid over budgeting. But rest assured that it is expensive. The higher cost of spray foam insulation is due to the fact that it is effective and long lasting. Spray foam insulation not only acts as an insulation agent but also as a wind and air barrier which often eliminates the need for separate air-tightness detailing whose purpose is to increase energy efficiency and allow downsizing of the heating and cooling system equipment. As a result, spray foam insulation provides insulation and air sealing in one installation step. As a matter of fact, spray foam insulation is analogous to throwing one stone to kill two or maybe three birds. You pay the high cost of spray foam insulation but you get double or even triple benefits.

The initial installed cost for sprayed foam insulation runs about $1.25 to $2.25 per square foot, depending on wall thickness and type of foam. The source of this data is from pathnet.org. The estimated cost stated here is not an absolute value but an estimate across the country. You can use this estimated cost to compare against the cost of spray foam insulation in your area. However, take note that the approximate installed costs for spray foam insulation vary according to local product availability and material cost, labor rates, and thickness of insulation.

To see how the cost of spray foam insulation fares compared to other types of insulation, here is a table which lists all the costs of other insulation types.

Spray Foam Insulation Cost
Spray Foam Insulation Cost (Click to enlarge)

From the above table, we can see that spray foam insulation cost is almost at the highest range compared to other types of insulation. The most commonly use fiberglass insulation batt costs only half of that of spray foam insulation for the same R-value. If you are on budget and can’t afford large scale spray foam insulation, you can reduce the cost by combining spray foam insulation with other types of insulation in wall cavities to achieve air sealing and energy efficiency. Some companies do this by spraying a one-inch layer of closed-cell foam into wall cavities and finish with fiberglass batt insulation. That will save you quite an amount of money. But do check with your local contractors on the availability of this technique.

In conclusion, spray foam insulation is costly but effective as well as efficient. The initial installation cost is expensive but in the long run, the amount of money saved from energy saving will certainly justify the high cost of installing spray foam insulation.

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